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OHi guys! I'm just a girl who likes to draw and has an unhealthy amount of fandoms and a poor sense of humor
Yes that is all!
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//casually leaves here
I was bored and wanted a break from what i was doing so I decided to draw out my OC for a friend’s story
honestly it’s just an idea at the moment and i’m sure once i have more info on the story she’ll be changed a lot = v =


UvU ACTUALLY if you want me to draw one of your muses just tell me which one and with which costume!!

So my friend finally decided to play wadanohara and just—






Okay! I’m so sorry everyone! I was having difficulties in creating a blog for some reason, and connecting an RP blog to my main wouldn’t be smart for me!
SOOOOOOooooo I’ve finally decided to stick with this! This is a side blog connected to my GDA account (Chocoflan-chan)
After I submit (and finish the header image) Alice’s blog will be officially open to asks but i’ll still take a few asks just to warm myself up to him.
Feel free to drop by Alice’s OOC blog too!



tfw u get wadanoharazoned because of a shark


I couldn’t help myself hhhhh

wow this took waaaay longer than it should have. It’s been too long since I drew this much digitally. 

you're a good artist, you're smart, you're a good person. there are many good qualities about you that maybe aren't apparent to you know, but they're still there. maybe you ought to try and sleep, since you said you have work in a few hours. I hope you feel better soon!

yuseirra replied to your post:.
aaaah you need sleep lina get all you need, little sleep does lead to depression and all sorts of problems please do sleep well!! sleep tight!!

…. I’m not too sure about the smart part, and I am an okay artist … Thank you though. It’s nice to hear it— err or read it. I’m still a bit iffy about myself but, still thanks.
And Yue, you’re right. I’m sorry. Ugh I don’t mean to bother people but sometimes I wanna just let it out …. you know? I’m sorry for bothering everyone with my stupid rants and just stupid down spiral in emotions. …
Thank you both … and good night. 


B-BETTER LATE THAN NEVER—!!! //covers face ilu morgan bby criesss

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